New words are sometimes needed to use Englisc today. One may use Englisc for most things that we do in this age, but sometimes authentic, attested words are not enough. Since the age of Old English, industry, science and social organization have moved on. New things have been invented; new philosophies have been made up; new lands have been found with new names, new elelendisc fruits, beasts and religions.

Looking at a computer, what of it would be known among the Englecynn of the days of Ælfred and Æþelstan? Nothing beyond the table it sits on. Nevertheless many of the words we use to describe the computer are old words and come to us from Englisc.

This is a page for devising new old words for new things; as authentic as possible without straining sense and logic. Consider it an amusement. Do not consider it "official". Add whatever you would like to see.

(Useful resources at: Germanic Lexicon Project, Old English Translator, Thesaurus of Old English, Orðabanki (Íslenskrar málstöðvar)

Vehicles Edit

  • Automobile - se selfgand (self-goer, roughly cognate to the origin of "auto-mobile")
  • Car - se wægn (wagon, cart, cognate to German "wagen")
  • Clutch - seo grap (grip)
  • Cylinder - þæt fyrþyrel (fire hole/tube)
  • Efficiency - seo cræftfulnes (skillfulness)
  • Engine - se mihta (powerer)
External combustion engine - se utweard geliegendmihta (outward-lighting powerer)
Internal combustion engine - se inweard geliegendmihta (inward-lighting powerer)
  • Exhaust - se dism (smoke, vapor, fume)
  • Horsepower - seo horsmiht
  • Pollution - se afylþ (filth)
Air pollution - se lyftfylþ (air filth)
  • Pressure - þæt geþring
  • Thermal efficiency - seo hætecræftfulnes (heat skillfulness)
  • Torque - seo spinmiht (spin power)
  • Transmission - se gearwebox (equipment box; a "toothed wheel" is what gearwe evolved into)
Variable-speed transmission - se mænigfeald swiftfulnes gearwebox (manifold/various speed gear box)
  • Truck - se hlæstwægn or seo bearwe

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Computer Edit

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