Midsumor Nihte Swefn - Heafodside
This is a project to translate Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" into Englisc. In the following pages, the play is set out with the original early-Modern English text to the left and the Englisc text to the right, or space to complete it.

The characters' names in the Englisc text are provided as wiki Templates; thus:

Template:Theseus, which appears as "Þeseus". That way if a character's name has to be changed, it may be done by changing the Template, and so the change will run throughout the text.

The cast of characters is set out below, and an index of the five Acts and of the Scenes.

Menn in þæm plege Edit

  • Þeseus, Athenan Heretoga
  • Filostrat, Symbelþegn to Þeseuse
  • Egeus, fæder to Erme
  • Lysander, in lufe mid Erme
  • Demetrius, in lufe mid Erme

  • Ippolite, Amazona Cwen, bewyddod to Þeseuse
  • Erme, dohtor to Egeus, in lufe mid Lysandere
  • Elene, in lufe mid Demetriuse

  • Codæppel, treowyrhta
  • Snug, earcwyrhta
  • Botm, webba
  • Hwistla, blæstbelg-betere
  • Wrot, cetel-betere
  • Steorfling, seamere

  • Ylfaric, Ylfa Cyning
  • Neorð, Ylfa Cwen
  • Puca oððe Robin Godfeolaga
  • Piseblostma, wuduælf
  • Atorcoppeswebb, wuduælf
  • Moððe, wuduælf
  • Senepessæd, wuduælf

Foreword; Pyramus, Þisbe, Weall, Monaleoht, Leo andweardaþ:

Codæppel, Botm, Hwistla, Wrot, Steorfling and Snug

Oþru Ylfe folgende hiera Cyninge and Cwene Ambihtmenn on Þeseuse and Ippolite

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